Welcome to Onemoney!

If you are building your own FIU middleware such as Consent management systems, Data management systems, Consent Interfaces, our Onemoney Network API offering is right for you.


However, if you are building consumer applications to provide a financial service in Personal Finance Management, Lending, Wealth advisory domains, you are better off using our Moneyone Data API offering.

Read on to understand:

  • How to sign up for a sandbox account.
  • How to integrate your app with Onemoney to start receiving consent-based financial information from your customers.

Kindly note our Sandbox servers are available everyday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Request to please plan your testing accordingly.

Sign up

Here’s how you can get started to set up a Onemoney account.

  • Visit our developer portal and sign up
  • Sign into the portal with your credentials.
  • By default, you will be in “Test” mode. This is the sandbox mode that allows you to set up test data and other configurations.
  • Get a test FIU (Financial Information User) ID and an API key, by providing basic details about your company and your applications.
  • Setup your test accounts to simulate various types of financial information and test receiving the data.

[Coming soon...]
1. Switch to "live" mode.
2. Start receiving real data of your customers.

Receive and Send Data

Receive consent-driven data from your customers, in your mobile or web application

Integrate your mobile app or web application with the Onemoney Account Aggregation service using the following methods:

  • Mobile front-end Integration

    • Onemoney Android SDK integration [iOS - [Coming soon...]]
    • Onemoney Android SDK Headless integration
    • Onemoney mobile web integration [for both iOS and Android Apps]
  • Web front-end Integration

    • Onemoney Web SDK integration
  • Server Integration

    • Curl integration

Provide your customers' data to Onemoney AA, when presented with a valid consent artefact

Integrate your core account and transaction systems with Onemoney AA, to allow your customers to manage their consents and share their data with other institutions, using the following methods:

  • Mobile front-end integration [Coming soon...]
  • Web front-end integration [Coming soon...]
  • Server Integration

    • Curl integration

You may begin your integration with Onemoney as an FIU, i.e. a Financial Information user, using the test FIU ID and API key issued through our developer portal.

Before you go into production, you will have to be certified as both an FIU and an FIP (Financial Information Provider). Use our sandbox to test your code for both sending and receiving data.