Onemoney Android Standard SDK Integration

[Coming soon...]
With the Onemoney Android Standard SDK, you can easily provide all consent management facilities to your customer through your Android application itself. The Standard SDK provides screens and activities for user registration and consent management, that are integrated into the Onemoney server-side APIs.


1. Create a Onemoney Developer Account.
2. Get test API keys.

Integration steps

1. Install Onemoney Android Standard SDK
2. Initialize Onemoney Android Standard SDK
3. Initiate the Onemoney Profile Setup activity, for a new user
4. Implement the Consent Request flow on your server-side
5. Initiate the Consent Approval activity
6. Handle success and error events
7. Store consent artefact details in your database
8. Implement the Data Request flow on your server-side
9. Store data details in your database