Onemoney Android Custom SDK Integration

[Coming soon...]
With the Onemoney Android Custom SDK, you get to control the user experience for all consent management journeys and even, user registration journeys. Screens designed and developed by you can be integrated with the interfaces offered by the Custom SDK, which in turn, implements the necessary logic to integrate into Onemoney’s server-side APIs.

Note: All such screens connected to the SDK must present a branding phrase "Powered by Onemoney", in a manner that is clearly visible to the user, as per AA procedural guidelines.


1. Create a Onemoney Developer Account.
2. Get test API keys.

Integration steps

1. Install Onemoney Android Custom SDK
2. Initialize Onemoney Android Custom SDK
3. Integrate your screens with the Onemoney Profile Setup interface , for a new user
4. Implement the Consent Request flow on your server-side
5. Integrate your screens with the Consent Approval interface
6. Handle success and error events
7. Store consent artefact details in your database
8. Implement the Data Request flow on your server-side
9. Store data details in your database