Share your financial data safely, at your choice, with others, using our Consent Platform.

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Quick Overview

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Quick Overview


Quick registration

All we need is your name and a verified mobile number to issue you a Onemoney Virtual User Address (VUA) of the form <your mobile number> @ onemoney. Easy to remember!


Discover and link accounts

Select your bank, insurance company, MF company or pension fund that you wish to link with Onemoney. Onemoney auto-discovers your accounts based on your mobile number (if allowed by your institution). Authenticate yourself one-time with your institution to link your accounts with your Onemoney profile. You are all set now!


Approve Consent Requests

Get notified by us whenever a third-party requests your data. Verify the purpose, period and other parameters of the data usage requested. Once satisfied, provide your consent. If not, don't approve! Your call, entirely! We will take care of notifying your bank and the third-party either way.


Manage your consents

Pause or revoke your consents on our platform, at any time. We take care of the necessary notifications and checks to ensure your data is not shared without your explicit consent. Be in total control of who accesses your data. Always!


View your account transactions

You can view your bank account details and transactions by approving a self consent. Data is encrypted end-to-end and completely secure. Onemoney cannot see your data!

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Learn more about our Consent Architecture and how it protects your data from being misused.

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