Partner Program

Let’s join hands to foster Data Democracy. While we lay the rails for a robust Data network, we collaborate and build partnerships to help our customers derive benefits in the area of Data security, governance and analytics.

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Data Governance

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The Moneyone Platform, offered by our parent company, helps enterprises become Privacy - Positive. It connects to the AA ecosystem, i.e to every AA ( including but not limited to Onemoney AA ). It also offers integrations into TU - CIBIL and Digilocker and helps derive insights from data using Novel Patterns AI & ML platform, C.A.R.T.

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Ecosystem Partner

We use AWS, India’s largest Tier-4 Datacenter to help keep our services reliable for our customers.

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Implementation Partners

Divami helps us in building rich, consent-management custom interfaces to ease the experience of our app-users.

As an empanelled CERT-IN vendor and with over 800 security assessments under its belt, Sumeru helps us and our customers achieve the highest level of security compliance in the application, data and environment security practice.

SimPragma and MRSoft help us in development and support of web and mobile applications for FinTech.

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